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Tripod Spreader

Product Number: TPI-001

Manufacturer: TPI Astro
Battery Tray (optional)

Tripod (required)
*Please contact us for availability on the tripods marked with an asterisk. PLEASE NOTE that Synta has recently introduced a new 2" tripod that has divisions on the lower legs. Please select that option if it is what you have. *Tripods marked with an asterisk have limited availability.

Price: $255.00

Telescope Improvement Systems new aluminum tripod spreader/tensioners are specifically designed to strengthen and add stability to the tripod.

These heavy duty units are constructed from CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum with Stainless steel fasteners. The spreader attaches and requires no disassembly of the tripod to install (CGE model requires some disassembly to remove the existing spreader).  The available heavy duty battery tray clamps on with a single knob and supports the heaviest deep cycle batteries.

Spreaders are available for the following tripods:

Celestron CGEM, CGE, CGE pro, CG5, Nexstar 11, 9.25

Skywatcher/Orion-EQ6/ Atlas, HEQ5, EQ5, Sirius

Meade LX200, LX90, LXD 75

Virtually any 2" or 1.75" tripod

For tripods that do not come with an effective spreader, like the EQ6/Atlas, CGEM, HEQ5, CG5 and LXD75, the spreaders adds several more benefits.  While the spreader controls the legs making folding and transporting the tripod far easier, the main benefit is the locking effect the spreader has on the tripod upper mount disc. With a click, the tripod center snaps into place and tensions and dramatically strengthens the entire tripod - a MUST for astrophotography.  With this spreader the tripod will not creep or loosen as your imaging night progresses.

TPI's heavy duty battery tray is designed to also add stability by weighing down the bottom of the tripod. This gives a way to get your center of gravity lower for enhanced stability and resistance to tipping. The tray will support the largest commercially available deep cycle batteries.

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