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Track the Stars Panther Telescope Mount

Track the Stars Panther Telescope Mount

Product Number: TTS-160

Manufacturer: Track the Stars
Basic (al a carte) and Complete Package Options

Panther Topmount and Arms

Panther Folding Pier

Adjustable Feet for Folding Pier (set of three)

Panther Mini Pier

Pier Adapter
At least one is required for the mount (most complete packages include one).

4kg Counterweights

8kg Counterwieghts

Panther Side Mount Units
For use without the top mount arms.

Side Mount Dovetail Saddles
For use with the top mount arms.

Telescope rOTAtor

Tripod Adapter

Pier Extension
An additional pier adapter is required to use the pier extension.

Price: $4,615.00


Mounting Head  Specifations
Main housing  Ø160 mm black anodized aluminum
Counter weight arms  10mm x 50mm Stainless steel
Counter wieght  Produced from massive stainless steel
Alt. drive  Ø120mm bronze worm wheel
Az. drive  Ø100mm bronze worm wheel combined with double roller drive
Drive motors  DC servo drives with precission optical encoders 0,09arcsecond resolution
Power Supply needed  12-16V, 3Amps
Telescope Capacity   35-53 lbs. (16-24 kg) depending on mount configuration and telescope length
Weight   26.4 lbs. (12 kg) without counter weight arms
Slewing speed  3.5 degrees per second
Installed object cataloges  Messier, NGC, IC, Planets, Coordinate input
PC interface  RS/232 interface (USB via converter), LX200 compatible
Auto guider port  Standard ST4 compatible port


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