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10 Micron BM100 Leonardo Bino Mount
10 Micron BM100 Leonardo Bino Mount Weave/Design

10 Micron BM100 Leonardo Bino Mount

Product Number: 10M-BM100

Manufacturer: 10 Micron Astro Technology
Please inquire for availability. Delivery times are dependent on 10Micron production schedules and pre-production sales.  Arrangements can be made to take a deposit on the mount at the time of order rather than paying the full amount, depending on the predicted availability of the mount at the time of order.  We cannot sell 10Micron products to customers outside of the US.
Mount Color

Additional Counterweights - 3 kg

Additional Counterweights - 6 kg

Tripod Options

V-Series Saddle

Mount Soft Case

Price: $2,495.00

Name LEONARDO - BM100 L (BinoMount 100 “Leonardo”)
Manufacturer 10Micron of COMEC snc, Caronno P.lla, Varese - Italy
Design Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy at the 10Micron by Comec headquarters – based on an idea of Roberto Volonté
Material Anodized light-alloy aluminum , all axes equipped with stainless steel/bronze bearings
Mount Weight
28 lbs. (13 kg) - mount w/o tripod or accessories
Available in 3 kg or 6 kg
Counterweight Shaft
Stainless steel - diam. 30 mm / length 500 mm
Load Capacity
Max. instrument load 30 lbs. (13.5 kg)
Optics Suitable for binoculars / spotting scopes from 50 to 150 mm in diameter / compact SC-telescope-OTA up to 8”
Max. Instrument Height
200 cm, at tripod extension 100 cm (perfect for observation in upright/standing position )
Min. Instrument Height
50 cm, at tripod extension 100 cm (perfect for observations from a chair or sun lounger)
Pointing System
Passive 3D pointing w. adjustable parallelogram, consisting of four anti-torsion rods 100 cm long
Elevation Range
-35 °/ + 53 ° below/above the horizon
Parallelogram Rotation 360 ° in azimuth
Tilt of Instrument Platform
+/- 90 ° in elevation
Aux Azimuth Tilt (4th Axis)
+/- 15 ° to left and right
Safety Lock Feature
LEONARDO BM -100 is equipped with a quick safety lock that acts simultaneously onto both sides of the parallelogram arms. Actuating one plunger (w. dual locking pin) will securely lock the parallelogram in horizontal position for mounting all optical instruments onto the instrument platform in total security.
Passive Safety
The four parallelogram rods of the LEONARDO BM -100 are designed in such a way that the space between the rods will never become zero, regardless of the height or direction of the parallelogram. This feature assures secure operation in total darkness without any danger for your fingers or for inattentive users.
Use & Movement
"Soft Move" fluid friction for effortless positioning in all directions. Custom friction adjustment in Azimuth and Elevation via Soft-Touch hand-knobs of large size, best suited even for winter gloves; for all other movements the axes are factory preloaded and steel-spring assisted.
Optical Instrument Lock Standard: two locking screws with interchangeable thread 1 /4 " or 3/8 " (world photo standards)
44 mm dovetail clamp (Vixen/Celestron/Skywatcher-standard)
Tripod Base Adapter
Specially designed for compatibility with all 10Micron, Geoptik and Baader series tripods. The LEONARDO BM100 base plate can be mounted to any heavy duty tripod suitable for astronomical observations by utilizing the included adapter flange with pre-drilled holes.
Available Colors All aluminum surfaces are Silk-Glossy durable anodized. Standard color is BLACK. 10Micron proprietary colors - Red or Blue - available on special order (inquire for delivery time).
Standard Package Contents
LEONARDO BM-100 standard package includes a stainless steel 3 kg counterweight, stainless steel counterweight shaft diam. 30 x 500 mm, two locking screws with “1/4 " and 3 /8" photo-thread , universal flange-tripod adapter, user manual, sturdy cardboard transport box with molded foam.
Optional Accessories Black Cordura carrying bag with handles to be used for recycling the molded foam of the transport box; 3 kg or 6 kg counterweights; optional 44 mm dovetail clamp – Vixen standard.

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