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Deep Space Scope Lift - V-Series

Deep Space Scope Lift - V-Series

Product Number: DSP-SLV

Manufacturer: Deep Space Products


Price: $50.00
Introducing the heavy duty Deep Space Scope Lift from Deep Space Products.  No more struggling to lift your heavy OTAs or to dangerously grab onto a dovetail to use it like a handle.  The Scope Lift will allow you to easily carry and mount your favorite scopes with V-series dovetails on the top.  The handle itself is load rated at over 1200 pounds and the entire assembly is manufactured from anodized, powder coated and painted aluminum with stainless steel bolts and knob threads. 

The Scope Lift easily slides onto your upper V-Series dovetail and locks on with four knobs for safety and the ultimate tight grip on your precious scopes.

A variety of colors are available, including black base with black knobs and handle, silver base with black knobs and handle and silver base with white knobs and black handle.  All colors are currently in limited supply while we test the market for this product with the black on black being the color we have the most of.

Get your heavy-duty Deep Space Scope Lift today and stop struggling to pick up your heavy OTAs and risking dropping them while carrying and mounting.

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