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PlaneWave Instruments CDK14 Optical Tube Assembly
PlaneWave Instruments CDK14 Optical Tube Assembly Weave/Design

PlaneWave Instruments CDK14 Optical Tube Assembly

Product Number: PW-CDK14

Manufacturer: PlaneWave Instruments
The PlaneWave Instruments CDK14 is a 14-inch (0.36 m) f/7.2 Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph telescope. The CDK14 covers a 70 mm field of view without any field curvature, off-axis coma, or astigmatism. The CDK14 is a lightweight carbon-fiber truss design weighing less than 50lbs, with 3 cooling fans blowing air throughout the back of the telescope. The CDK optical design is the innovative solution for unsurpassed astro-imaging quality at an affordable price.
Price: $15,000.00
Optical Design Corrected Dall-Kirkham (CDK)
Aperture 14 inch (356mm)
Focal Length 2563mm (101 inch)
Focal ratio F/7.2
Central Obstruction 23.5% by surface area; 48.5% by diameter
Back Focus from Mounting Surface 11.09 inch (282 mm)
Weight 48 lbs (22 kg)
OTA Length 35 inch (889 mm)
Optical Performance 3.1 micron RMS at 13mm off-axis; 6.0 micron RMS at 35mm off-axis - Spot Diagram
Upper Cage Carbon Fiber Truss
Lower Cage Carbon Fiber Truss and Light Shroud
Optimal Field of View 70mm Image Circle

Diameter 14.1 inch (358 mm)
Aperture 14 inch (355.6 mm)
Focal ratio F/3.26
Mounting Laser Collimated and Permanently Fixed
Material Precision Annealed Borosilicate
Shape Prolate Ellipsoid
Coating Enhanced Aluminum - 96%


Diameter 165 mm (6.5 inch)
Material Precision Annealed Borosilicate
Shape Spherical
Coating Enhanced Aluminum - 96%
Diameter 95mm (3.7 inch)
Number of lenses Two
Coating broadband AR Coatings (less than .5% reflected from 400 to 700nm)

CDK Optics The Corrected Dall-Kirkham design yields a perfectly flat field free from off-axis astigmatism, coma and defocus.
Carbon Fiber Truss Design Minimizes thermal expansion which causes focus shift with changes in temperature
Dovetail Expansion Joint Allows for the difference in thermal expansion between carbon fiber and aluminum. The expansion joint allows the aluminum dovetail expand and contract without stressing the carbon fiber lower truss
Cooling Fans Three cooling fans blow air inside the back of the telescope. This helps the telescope to reach thermal equilibrium quickly. The fans are controlled by a computer if the optional Electronic Focus Accessory (EFA Kit) is purchased.
Delta-T Ready For added dew prevention, the CDK14 is internally wired with polyimide film heater pads and temperature sensor, ready to be controlled with the optional Delta-T controller.
Crated Shipping Weight  TBD
Crate Width  TBD
Crate Height  TBD
Crate Length  TBD
Ronchi Spacer (600341 & 600344) This spacer sits in place of a focuser and is used for setting the primary to secondary spacing. It has an 1-1/4 inner diameter and may be used with 1-1/4 oculars for collimation
Ronchi Ocular This ocular is a Ronchi screen used for setting the primary to secondary spacing
Primary Mirror Cover The Primary Mirror Cover protects the primary mirror
Planewave Thumb Drive Containing all documentation and software for collimation and spacing
12VDC Power Supply Provides power for the fans (Not included for European Orders)
Wrench Set (5812A35) English Hex Wrenches (European Orders Only)

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