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10 Micron AZ1000HPS Alt-Azimuth Mount
10 Micron AZ1000HPS Alt-Azimuth Mount Weave/Design

10 Micron AZ1000HPS Alt-Azimuth Mount

Product Number: 10M-1000AZ

Manufacturer: 10 Micron Astro Technology
Please inquire for availability. Delivery times are dependent on 10Micron production schedules and pre-production sales but should be less than three months.  Arrangements can be made to take a deposit on the mount at the time of order rather than paying the full amount, depending on the predicted availability of the mount at the time of order.  We cannot sell 10Micron products to customers outside of North and South America.

Shipping prices calculated on the website are approximate and may need to be adjusted based on locations, particularly those outside the United States.

Please contact us for information on paying with check/money order.
Basic (al a carte) and Complete Package Options

Tripod Options

Pier Adapter

Base Adapter

Half Pillar

6.6 lbs. (3 kg) Counterweights

13.2 lbs. (6 kg) Counterweights

Transport Cases
Available Soon.

AC Portable Power Supply
Use of a power supply other than the one(s) supplied by 10Micron may void the warranty.

DC Portable Power Supply

10 Micron GPS Reciever

Price: $9,404.00
This new mount is based on the mechanics and electronics of the GM1000 HPS and offers an alt-azimuth configuration. The AZ1000 HPS is a very versatile, light and transportable mount designed for scientific activities such as visual and video astronomy, satellite tracking, photometric and astrometric measurements. Due to its alt-azimuth design, this special mount isn’t suitable for long-exposure astrophotography.

The mount is supplied with a short counterweight bar; it’s not necessary to exactly counterbalance the weight of the telescope: using counterweights for about 50% of your payload you will provide a sufficiently stable configuration.

Most of the GM1000HPS accessories are compatible with the new AZ1000 HPS.

The 10 Micron AZ1000HPS basic package includes:
  • AZ1000HPS mount head with absolute encoders on both axes
  • Control box and stand alone hand pad
  • QCI 2.8 software
  • Counterweight shaft
  • 3" Losmandy-style dovetail clamp
  • Mount cables.
  • Integrated WiFi
The complete package for the GM1000HPS adds:
  • One 13.2 lbs. (6 kg) counterweight
  • One 6.6 lbs. (3 kg) counterweight
  • 10Micron Aries or Geoptik Hercules tripod and soft case
  • AC/DC Power supply

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