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Moravian G4-16000 CCD Camera

Moravian G4-16000 CCD Camera

Product Number: MI-G4-16000

Manufacturer: Moravian Instruments
Please note that this product is eligible for a 2% discount for payment by cash, check or money order.  Please contact us before ordering for further details.

Adapters (in addition to standard M68 adapter)

External Filter Wheel

Off-Axis Guider

Camera Case (Upgrade)
Large aluminum case is standard.

Spare Tool-Free Desiccant Plug

Ethernet Camera Adapters

DC (cigarette) power cable

Price: $8,020.00
G4-16000 CCD camera with KAF-16803 CCD - 4096 x 4096 pixels, pixel size 9 x 9 um

Cooled CCD cameras of G4 series contain detectors with 36 × 36 mm area, which is 50% more than photographic “full-frame” format. G4 camera dimensions are the same as the dimensions of G3 series, with the exception of camera head thickness — G4 cameras are somewhat slimmer, because they do not contain an internal filter wheel. Also camera handling, software control, power supply and connection to the host PC using fast USB 2.0 interface is the same as the G3 cameras. A filter wheel for 50 × 50 mm square filters (round filters of 50 mm diameter cause vignetting on such large CCD chips) cannot be placed inside the camera head due to limited space, but it is possible to connect an external filter wheel for 5 large filters to the G4 camera, the camera head already contains connector for external filter wheel control.

G4 camera head is designed to be easily used with a set of accessories to fulfill various observing needs. G4 cameras do not allow usage of internal filter wheel as they require large 50 × 50 mm filters. External filter wheel is then the only option for G4 camera.

There are two sizes of the external filter wheel available for the G4 cameras:
  • Medium size wheel for 5 square filters 50 × 50 mm
  • Large size wheel for 7 square filters 50 × 50 mm
Camera head and numerous accessories comprise imaging system, capable to be tailored for many applications.

1. G4 camera head.
2. Medium size external filter wheel with 5 positions.
3. Large size external filter wheel with 7 positions.
4. G0 Guider camera.
5. G1 Guider camera.
6. Off-axis guider adapter with M68 × 1 thread.
7. Thick spacer. Camera without internal filter wheel and this spacer has the same back focal distance as camera with external filter wheel.
8. Adapter with M68 × 1 thread.
9. Nikon bayonet adapter for Nikon compatible lenses.
10. Gx Camera Ethernet Adapter allows connection of up to 4 Gx cameras of any type on the one side and 1 Gbps Ethernet on the other side. This adapter allows access to connected Gx cameras using routable TCP/IP protocol over practically unlimited distance.
11. The whole system is controlled from a host PC.

G4 cameras are designed to work in cooperation with a host Personal Computer (PC). As opposite to digital still cameras, which are operated independently on the computer, the scientific slow-scan, cooled cameras usually require computer for operation control, image download, processing and storage etc. To operate G3 camera, you need a computer which:
  • Is compatible with a PC standard.
  • Runs a modern 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system.
Note: Drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems are also provided, but camera control and image processing software, supplied with the camera, requires Windows operating system.
  • Provides at last one free USB port.
Note:  The current series of G4 cameras are designed to operate with USB 2.0 high-speed (480 Mbps) hosts. Although they are fully backward compatible with USB 1.1 full-speed (12 Mbps) hosts, image download time can be somewhat longer if USB 1.1 connection is used.
  • Alternatively it is possible to use the Gx Camera Ethernet Adapter. This device can connect up to four Gx cameras of any type (not only G4, but also G0 and G1 guiders and G2 and G3 cooled cameras) and offers 1 Gbps and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface for direct connection to the host PC. Because the PC then uses TCP/IP protocol to communicate with the cameras, it is possible to insert e.g. WiFi bridge or other networking device to the communication path.

Full details on the G4 cameras can be found on the Moravian Instruments website here.

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