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Astro-Smart’s  Computerized Dew Annihilator Pro

Astro-Smart’s Computerized Dew Annihilator Pro

Product Number: AS-CDA-R

Manufacturer: Astro-Smart
RC-CDA-R Package Options

Temperature Sensor
One is required for the Basic Package.

Power Supply Options

Communications Options

Software Options

Price: $179.00
The CDA-R can be setup with your telescope As-is placed in automatic mode for troublefree operation or can be controlled and monitored remotely via automatic or manual modes via a computer with the supplied com port interface. Astro-Smart is the innovator of this elegant automatic solution to your dew problem. The Computerized Dew Annihilator Pro is one to the most advanced dew controllers made available to the amateur or professional Astronomer and at a price comparable by no other  system on the market. The Computerized Dew Annihilator Pro is designed to be used with any make or model of telescope which has more features than any other dew control system being offered at a fraction of the cost.  Whether you have a refractor, newtonian, schmidt-cassegrain, or a ritchey-chretien, the RC-CDA-R or CDA-R will solve your dew problems automatically while informing you every step of the way. Its like having a hired dew specialist posted at your telescope 24/7.  

The CDA-R system incorporates a common four port heater capability controlling multiple channels using multiple channel temperature sensors . For instance, one sensor(DTS-12) may be used for the main imaging telescopes corrector plate for dew control while the second(DTS-34)is used for another mounted imaging scope, guider or finder scope or your eyepieces. Each monitored sensor channel location is then paired with its associated output heat strap channel for dew control. For instance, DTS12 sensor would be placed on the optical corrector and the heat strap would go around the optical interface tube for instance CH1 or CH2 or both.

Please see the Astro-Smart website for more information.

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