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TAK FS128 Feather Touch Focuser replacement kit...

TAK FS128 Feather Touch Focuser replacement kit...

Product Number: SI-TAK-FS128-KIT

Manufacturer: Starlight Instruments
Price: $995.00
If you are looking for an upgrade for your FS-128 this is our suggestion. It is designed to replace your existing stock set-up. Use all your existing Takahashi accessories with our Takahashi threaded accessory end cap. Includes a Desiccant Dust Cap to protect your investment from moisture and dust particles when the clouds are keeping you from focusing on the sky. This package includes: FTF3545B (3.5" Feather Touch Focuser) A35-503-145 (Tak FS 128 tube adapter) EC35-505-72 (Tak accessory end cap) DDC-2 (2" Desiccant Dust Cap)

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