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Feather Touch® Finder Scope Bracket - Style A

Feather Touch® Finder Scope Bracket - Style A

Product Number: SI-FTFSB-50

Manufacturer: Starlight Instruments
Known to Fit:
  • FSB-FB-001 -3545
  • FTF3545 Series Focusers  
  • FSB-FB-001-TAK Takahashi 'Standard Scope Mount'  
  • FSB-FB-001 FTF2500
  • FTF3000 Series Focusers  

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Price: $185.00
This beautifully machined finder scope bracket is designed for easy mounting in a variety of configurations.
Custom designed nylon-tipped clamping screws with locking-nuts make collimation a breeze while protecting your finder scope and locking it in position, rock solid! The modular design allows for the ultimate in configurability. Different mounting plate options allow the finder scope bracket to be moved quite easily, and without any tools, allowing you the full use of your finder scope on all of your telescopes! The clever thumb lever on the mounting base provides a sure-fire and secure way to attach the bracket so attaching and removing the bracket is a snap. On our tests, we found that collimation was quite acceptable after removing and reattaching the finder scope bracket several times.

If you need a custom mount select the custom option for the FSB-Mount option. Or, if you wish to use a finder scope outside of the 45mm to 53mm range, just select the custom option for the FSB-Tube, and we'll contact you once we get your order to get details on what you need.  Our world-class machine shop can create the perfect mount and tube combination for your needs.

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