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Knaeble Engineering Pro Line 250mm Ritchey-Chrétien
Knaeble Engineering Pro Line 250mm Ritchey-Chrétien Weave/Design

Knaeble Engineering Pro Line 250mm Ritchey-Chrétien

Product Number: KE-RCM250FC/TI

Manufacturer: Knaeble Engineering
Contact us for accessories and additional details.
Pricing starts at $10,400.   


  • Optics f/8 Ritchey-Chrétien made in Italy
  • Optical quality: Strehl ratio >95%
  • Opening 250 mm
  • Focal length 2.000 mm
  • Borosilicate optical set.
  • M1 250 mm f/3; diameter M2 105 mm
  • Diameter Non Vignetted-field: 40 mm
  • Primary focal plane distance: 220 mm

Mechanical Features

  • Total mass (including dovetails): ca. 13 kg.
  • Overall length: ca. 700 mm
  • Entirely designed and constructed in virtual environment with Catia V5.
  • All CNC parts programmed in CAM directly in Catia V5.
  • FEM mechanical, modal and thermal simulations are performed with Ansys Workbench on every component as well as on the complete assembly with linear and nonlinear methods.
  • Knaeble Engineering Proprietary 9 points computer optimized Full-Carbon-Fiber primary mirror cell.
  • 8 mm thick solid carbon fiber CNC backplane.
  • Optional composite Carbon-fiber/Titanium backplane construction.
  • Knaeble Engineering Proprietary Zero expansion Full-Carbon-Fiber/Titanium truss construction.
  • Ultra-thin carbon fiber light baffles on M1 and M2.
  • Proprietary highly accurate M1 and M2 tilting mechanisms.
  • Tiltable focuser mounting ring ready to accept the 3.5"Starlightinstruments focuser (smaller diameters are
    available on request).
  • Knaeble Engineering Proprietary "Hollow Technology" hybrid CNC Aluminum/Carbon-fiber (3" Losmandy compatible) dovetail plates.
  • Active cooling.
  • Completely made in (Berlin) Germany from German made components.

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