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Avalon M-Zero Single Arm Equatorial/Alt-Az Mount

Avalon M-Zero Single Arm Equatorial/Alt-Az Mount

Product Number: AI-AVMZERO

Manufacturer: Avalon Instruments
We cannot sell Avalon Instruments products to customers outside of the US.
Complete Kit or A la carte

BlueTooth or WiFi Version

Dual Scope Adapter

D-Series Dovetail
Note: if ordering the dual scope adapter and the D-Series dovetail for the main scope, you do not need or order a second V-series dovetail for the second scope.

Second V-Series Saddle
Requires dual scope adapter above.

80mm Counterweight Shaft and Flange

145mm Counterweight Shaft
Requires AVFLCPM flang above.

1.2 lbs. (0.55kg) Counterweight

3 lbs. (1.4 kg) Counterweight

X-Guider for Dual Scope Alignment
Requires dual scope adapter and second V-Series saddle above.

Low Latitude Adapter

Low Latitude Counterweight Bar

Adapter for T-Pod T-110/130 Tripods

Polemaster Adapter

Price: $3,800.00
Avalon Instruments introduces the M-Zero, an all-new Equatorial-Altazimuth Single-Arm mount
with Fast-Reverse technology and more ...

The new M-Zero single-arm mount by Avalon Instruments has been designed to revolutionize the world of portable astronomy with both the style and function that Avalon Instruments is known for. Made entirely from anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware, the low weight and high quality of this mount make it the ideal companion for traveling observers and astro-photographers.

The great versatility and compact size combined with Avalon’s unmistakable style, allows M-Zero to get you to a level where competition stops. M-Zero is three mounts in one: standard equatorial but with no meridian flip, Altazimuth for astronomical use & a time-lapse platform for panoramic pictures, all with only 22 pounds (10 kg) of total weight (including the brand new T-Pod 90) and 17.6 pound (8 kg) loading capacity (sufficient for a 8" SCT or 8" RC).  The mount and tripod come in padded cases that are small enough to fit together in a suitcase for traveling. 

The combination of the brand new StarGo GoTo-System with several esclusive functions, the innovative Fast-Reverse technology (belt drive system) and the top-quality construction allows for high level performance and long-exposure auto-guided astrophotography – even with telescopes with focal lengths up to 2 meters (e.g., 8" SCT & 8" RC).

The Avalon StarGo GoTo-System has been designed and manufactured by Avalon to meet all needs, from the beginner to the professional photographer. In Equatorial mode the M-Zero does not require a meridian flip and relatively long tubes can be used.  It can also be set in Altazimuth mode for observation with large telescopes and binoculars or to acquire automatic time-lapse sequences. In addition, more exclusive functions will be available with StarGo frmware updates, that can be easily updated by PC.

• M-Zero Mount Head
• Polar finder with holder
• Single V-Series saddle
• Mount Head Case

• T-Pod T-90 Tripod
• Tripod Case

• Counterweight Set (bar and 0.55kg weight)
• Second V-Series saddle for dual scope mounting
• Avalon X-Guider for dual scope alignment
• Adapter for mounting the M-Zero on the T-110/130 tripods
• Additional and larger counterweights
• Low latitude adapter (allows adjustment to 15 degrees with T-90 tripod or 20 degrees with T-110/130 tripods

You can read the review of the M-Zero published in Astronomy Technology Today by clicking on the image below.

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